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In this report, we’ll share how people’s views on racial injustice have changed over the past year, what people want from their employers with respect to DEI, and how forward-thinking companies can navigate the evolving landscape to better attract, engage, and retain employees.

How the Racial Justice Movement is Reshaping Corporate America

The last twelve months have been a tipping point in the racial justice movement in the United States. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others sparked outrage and mass activism that led more Americans than ever to recognize racism as a big problem in the United States.

The last year has called attention to what many people, and particularly people of color in this country, already knew — systems, attitudes, and institutions that have formed over centuries often produce unfair, unequal outcomes for people of color.

To understand whether the trends we were seeing are reflected among the broader American population, we partnered with Harris Poll in May 2021 to conduct a survey.

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