Drive DEI Impact Across Your Portfolio

As an investor, you're there to help your portfolio companies succeed in every part of their business. With Paradigm, you give them a trusted partner for building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. And you get the data and insights you need to implement strategies across your portfolio to drive meaningful change.

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Benefits of a Paradigm Partnership

Paradigm helps you deliver impact at scale across your portfolio with our full suite of DEI solutions built by the world's leading experts. Through our products & services, you can:

  • Assess, track, and benchmark your portfolio's DEI maturity over time.
  • Create more visibility on your DEI efforts and easily report out the key data points and metrics that your investors, limited partners, and board care about most
  • Provide preferred pricing on our e-learning content, instructor-led training, and DEI strategy services.
  • Create a community for your portfolio's HR and DEI leaders

"We chose Paradigm because it offers our portfolio companies the ability to self-assess their infrastructure and workforce practices that directly tie to DEI progress. The process is thorough, yet easy, and produces useful insights supported by specific action recommendations."

Marco Mendes
Advent International Head of Portfolio Support

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Benchmarking, Analytics, and Strategy Solutions

Taking a data-driven approach to DEI doesn't have to be challenging for you or your portfolio companies' leaders. With all of your portfolio companies on the Paradigm Blueprint Strategy & Analytics platform:

  • You'll easily get data on the maturity of all portfolio companies and see how they compare to one another, and against our standard industry benchmarking
  • Get data-driven, specific strategies to improve DEI across your portfolio and insights for your portfolio companies on what initiatives will drive the biggest change
  • Track and assess progress over time through standardized reporting
  • Have access to ongoing, expert support to navigate any challenges and ensure the sustainability and progress of initiatives

DEI Training Solutions

All of your portfolio companies may be at different stages of their DEI journeys and Paradigm's training solutions meet them where they're at. With our customizable online and instructor-led trainings:

  • Deliver impactful DEI education to any employee, anywhere, at any time on a variety of topics, from unconscious bias to growth mindset to inclusive leadership.
  • Access customized and relevant trainings for the different industries and audiences that you support across your portfolio
  • Guide your portfolio companies to embed DEI into their key people processes that are imperative to long term growth, from onboarding new employees to upskilling your talent acquisition teams in being more inclusive in their hiring processes
  • Firms can foster a strong community across their portfolio by giving HR and DEI leaders the opportunity to go through training together and share feedback, learnings, and best practices in a psychologically safe environment.

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